About us

Welcome to Queen of Sheba Ethiopia, the home of authentic Ethiopian spice blends created with love and care by founder Meselech Abateneh. Our passion is creating traditional Ethiopian spice blends that are authentic, flavorful, and of the highest quality.
After receiving enthusiastic feedback from customers while catering at local Farmers Markets, we decided to launch Queen of Sheba Ethiopia to share our love of Ethiopian cuisine with a wider audience.
Our spice blends are an original recipe created by Meselech, inspired by the flavors and traditions of her home country. We believe that food has the power to bring people together and build bridges across cultures, and our mission is to share the unique and delicious flavors of Ethiopian cuisine with customers all around the world. This is done by spices being directly imported from Ethiopia to allow for authentic Ethiopian flavours.
We pride ourselves on preparing our spice blends in small batches, carefully crafted to add a personal touch to each package. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and authenticity, while ensuring that each customer receives a product that reflects the care and attention we put into every batch.
We are excited to share our traditional Ethiopian spices with you and invite you to explore our collection of spice blends. Whether you're an experienced cook or a curious foodie, our blends offer a unique and flavorful addition to any dish. Thank you for choosing Queen of Sheba Ethiopia.